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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a quality lifestyle service in a safe and secure environment, in partnership with the village community with respects to the individual’s privacy, dignity and choice.


Earle Haven strives to host a comfortable community for over 55s. We take pride in giving all people the opportunity to be a part of a place where you may find your passion.


Our village offers an array of social group activities which we encourage all to become a part of. With over 30 groups formed here, we’re proud to say there is something for everyone. Inclusivity is highly established within our home, so why not join us?


Our home ensures medical and health assistance is both effortlessly accessible and convenient. Our in-house care team offers a variety of services that can be tailored to your needs. Furthermore, our professional center within our village is where you may attend when wishing to consult with a GP/ Doctor. Additionally, this facility is home to a Hairdresser, Podiatrist and Audiologist.


We value healthy lifestyles where our residents may get the most out of life. Earle Haven provides extraordinary sustainable pricing while still exhibiting exceptional results. We believe people should have the opportunity to experience life without having to become preoccupied by staying on top of home finances. 


Our community here at Earle Haven Retirement Village awaits your presence. Join us and indulge in a remarkable sense of connection, wellbeing and endeavour to pursue your highest quality of life.

You could be enjoying the benefits of Earle Haven living today. Contact our sales team to arrange a visit.

We’re open for inspection from 9am to 4pm daily by appointment.

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