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Staying active after retirement

A key aspect to healthy living is to ensure you’re being well rested each night. Though often overlooked, studies indicate that sleep plays a very important role in your heart health, energy levels and it helps to maintain a healthy weight.

We should all know by now that exercise is tremendously valuable to our health. Staying active is what is really going to help you push through in your years to come. Earle Haven offers an array of group activities that require movement and mobility, helping you stay fit! We have several sporting activities such as putt-putt, bowls, ping pong and such that will assist you in your health journey. Chair aerobics and medium impact aerobics is also on offer here at Earle Haven. We have many more groups you can come along and join whenever you wish.

Earle Haven is large village with paths established throughout. You can take advantage of this feature and walk freely whenever you would like, encountering some beautiful gardens along the way.

Another exceptional feature is our swimming pool. After your exercise you are able to cool off in this secluded area. Or you can even complete your favourite exercises within the pool.

It’s almost a given it is essential we incorporate movement into our daily lives in order to ensure the best path for our future. Here at Earle Haven, we strive to accommodate for all and cater to your needs. We can’t wait to cheer you along with your fitness and wellbeing journey.
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